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I am writing this post out of desperation! Sometimes I feel that Hyderabad has a unique set of road rules, very distinct from the rest of India.  I cogitate, jumping a signal, turning or halting without putting on the indicators, rash driving etc. are considered legal in this city.  No wonder that Hyderabad has a very high rate of road accidents and subsequent fatalities.

I survived nearly 3 incidents today, while riding my bike.  It all happened on my way to British Council and back home.  A bus driver almost cornered me by taking a blind left turn; thanks to my bike brakes that I am alright now.  A precarious and stupid Tata Indica (cab) driver threatened my life by rash driving and overtaking.  A ‘never-say-die’ pedestrian crossing the road with such indifference, that he did not care to look for any vehicles on the road; I was again saved by my bike brakes.

I wonder if driving in Hyderabad is indeed safe.  I recently read in the dailies, about the AP Government procuring hi-fi Speed guns that use invisible laser beam for tracking down the speeding vehicles and signal-jumpers.  But I have not seen any single f***ing speed guns being used, in any of the major signals.  Then why the hell, the Government has invested so much on these equipments from the people’s money? Is it just another commission making exercise?  Sophistication helps only when it is used in a proper way.  Road laws must be enforced more strictly; otherwise someday Hyderabad will be a dangerous place in the world to be on road.


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