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Hello to Mujahideen or SIMI or LeT or Al Qaeda or whomsoever concerned.

This is a plea from a prospective victim, who might be stuck in any of your future executions. My feelings were hurt most, in the past two days. It was shocking and grieving to witness back-to-back attacks on Bangalore and Ahmadabad. I was completely dejected. The very sight of injured and dead ones over the television, were a pain at my heart.

I have always wondered about life. Nothing in this world is more livelier, than a life – whether it be a human life or an animal life or even a tree life. Nature takes long time in nurturing a life to prosperity. A mother has to wait at least 9 months, to see a life out of her; a gardener has to wait long to see a life out of the seed. This is because, life is precious and nature takes utmost care in its creation. Though man has gotten so far in artificially creating a life, in the form of test tube babies, no one yet has got the minutest idea on the nature’s process of life creation.

In contrary, man has devised numerous ways in putting an end to the life. Bomb culture, deforestation, killing animals for food are only a few to mention. Since it is easier to take a life than to give it, man has perfected this act. Bomb culture has become a serious problem in the recent times – with so many in India during the last couple of years.

Do you ever imagine how painful it is to search for the loved ones, among the heap of dead bodies? Do you ever think how cruel it is to see your loved one, with no limbs and life? I strongly agree that you have ideals and sacrificed your life for the sake it. But does your sacrifice license you to take away innocent lives? I fear, it does not.

India is a country, populated by a majority, who depend on a single family member’s income. Can you imagine the plight of such a family, who lost their bread-winner? Will they cry for the loss of their loved one or loss of their livelihood? How does this help to achieve your ideals? I fear, it does not.

I am proud to belong to the land of Mahatma Gandhi. Though I don’t agree with all his principles and ideas, I am a strong believer in non-violence. You gain nothing by hurting someone. You just gain his hatred. But by giving love, you get the same in return.

There is a saying in Tamil which crudely translates into – “Thievery cannot be stopped, until the thieves choose to”. Same holds good with Terrorism and Bomb culture. It cannot be stopped, until those who plan it, choose to abandon.

There are many ways in which you can broadcast your problems. There are numerous ways through which you can be heard. Terrorism is the least efficient way, in my opinion.

I consider everyone in this world to be a friend of mine. In that aspect, you are friend of mine too. Please take time to consider this plea, from a friend of yours. Don’t burn the flower of life, in the fire of terrorism. Put an end to this, in all possible ways you can. I would love to see my country full of love and life, once again. Please help me in envisioning it. JAI HIND.

Lovingly yours,

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It is not really an ideal time for the Islam community. Almost any terror attack is linked to Islamist groups. All islams, especially with a beard and traditional outfits, are given different treatment all over the world. Anybody who tries to preach or spread Islam culture or language is viewed in suspicion.

Terror attack foiled in Germany


Local opposition for a center teaching Arabic Language in US


These two incidents triggered me tho write this post. Heinous acts carried out by fellow muslims, is earning a bad reputation for the entire community. Do you think that such a opposition would be shown if a Portuguese language school is opened? Or, would the German police be tracking activities of a non-Islamist group? Not really.

I greatly respect Islam and their beliefs. In their so called Jihad (or Jehad) alias Holy War, Islamist terror outfits are alienating their entire community from the rest of the world. They must understand all consequences of their mindless acts and try to think rationally. All outfits which are the mastermind behind the Jihad, must be banned and their subsequent activities scrutinized. It is the responsibility of the muslim-majority nations to take this seriously and act in the right manner. Otherwise, the Islam nations would find themselves in an alien land, sooner than later.

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I was away from Hyderabad last weekend and did not follow the news. I was absolutely shocked when I heard about the terrorist attack. A second attack in a span of 3 months! Atrocious! To add a pinch of salt, the place where the attack took place is hardly 500 meters from the ‘Andhra Pradesh Secretariat’, which is supposed to have top security.

Government cannot be blamed for everything that happens in the name of terrorism. After all, security cannot be provided to every nook and corner of the city where people gather. But I was greatly disheartened to see the indifferent attitude of Security personnel (In fact there were not too many!) in the Secunderabad Railway Station, when I returned on Tuesday, hardly 3 days after the attack. They seem to be checking none and there were no metal detectors available. Railway Stations, bus terminals and shopping malls are a few places which attract huge crowds. Security must be tightened at least in those locations, so that the probability of another attack comes down.

Only a calculative and intelligent approach by the Government and the concerned authorities can put a check to these criminal activities. Terrorist activities seem to be on a rise in the past 5-6 years. Done to incite communal disharmony, these activities claim hundreds of innocent lives. No country is an exception to this trauma and World is a single place, as far as terrorism is concerned.

I greatly appreciate the steps taken by AP Government to combat terrorist activities in the city. But every security personnel must do their duty to utmost perfection and do not indulge in perfunctory activities. At this juncture, I remember a song written by a tamil poet. (Translated) “Thievery cannot be eradicated, unless the thieves decides to stop it”… I believe, the same analogy holds good to those involving themselves in terrorist activities.

A plea to the terrorists – “PLEASE SPARE THE WORLD!!”

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