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Life after death

It was a typical monsoon night in Kerala. The day had been really long. I could see some sparkles in front of my eyes. May be my mind and body needs a break. First there was the accident case – then an elderly woman who suffered an heart attack – finally the kid grievously injured while playing. Scissors and knives are to me; as the keyboard to a software engineer.

I was about to put my mobile phone to sleep – so that I can catch some uninterrupted sleep. May be the God did not like it. A sweet music which was the ringtone in my mobile – is not very sweet now. My body wanted to dismiss the call, but the mind made me do the otherwise. Voice at the other end was trembling; about the labor pain of a woman in a village about 20 kms from my place. I could not say no. That would be an injustice to my profession. My day has not ended yet!

The rain was intolerable. I got in to my car and started to move. Visibility was near zero and I was moving ahead on my intuitions. But when I was crossing the Ottapalam, I could see something on the side of the road. I was tempted to stop the car and have a look; but the voice I heard over the phone made me move. Finally, once again, my mind got better of me and I halted. I got out in the rain; what I saw there was blood chilling, even to myself who looks at the red liquid everyday. There was an old woman. Her face was gory and covered with blood all over. At the dim light, my heart missed a beat when I had a close look at her face. My mind worked very fast and I realized that she had met with an accident. I picked her up and put her in the rear seat. I tried to cover her wounds as fast as I could and started to move the car, as it had already been about 3 quarters of an hour since I got the call. I reached the place from where I got the call. Stopping the car, I looked at the rear seat. Absence of any movements in the old lady, suggested the inevitable. Yes, she is no more. After my first aid, the old lady’s face was clear. I could sense a calmness there. There was a big mole beneath her eyes. A sense of fear and guiltiness spread inside me. I do not know the reason. But I have to move on. I went in and set things up. Eventually the young lady gave birth to a healthy kid; both mother and the kid were fine. But, I was dumbstruck.

The new born kid was a baby girl and she had a big mole beneath her eyes.


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Ramu was about to enter his friend Mani’s home. He saw Mani sitting on the dining table waiting for his mother to serve food. He glanced at Ramu and said, “Hey Ramu come here. My mom had cooked delicious food today. We have Sambar, Rasam and sweets also. Come let us eat together”. Ramu was very reluctant. He was just standing there, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly he started running back. Mani was surprised but then he started eating. Ramu went straight back to home. His father was sitting there idle on the chair. He stood silent in front of his father.

His father asked, “Kanna, what happened to you? Why did you come home running?”.

Ramu replied, “Appa. Tell me one thing. During Diwali, my friend Bhaskar was wearing new clothes. When I asked you for new clothes, what did you say?”.

His father answered, “Hmmm… Hah Bhaskar!! He is the tailor’s son right. His father is a tailor and that is why he was wearing new clothes. No wonder at that. But we are not in a position to by new clothes da Kanna. I will definitely get it for Pongal”.

Ramu continued, “Ok Appa. That is ok. Last week my friend Karthik was riding a brand new bicycle. When I asked you for one, what did you say?”.

His father answered, little frustrated, “His father owns a bicycle shop. So he managed to get a new one. Where will I go and get a new bicycle for you? We are struggling even to eat and live”.

Ramu said, “That is all OK Appa. I can understand. But one thing I cannot understand. Tailor gives new clothes to his son. Bicycle shop owner gives new bicycle to his son. But my doubt is, yesterday when I asked for rice and sambar you said that we cannot afford it. “.

He continued, “Appa you are a farmer and you produce the rice. Others eat the rice we produce. Then how is that we do not have rice to eat?? I cannot understand Appa”.

His father could not reply.

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