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I booked about 5 tickets online for a movie show in Prasad’s Hyderabad. I paid convenience charge on each ticket, which amounted to about 13% of the ticket cost. I believe that the charge was levied, as I was booking it over the internet.  There was a spark!  I decided to analyze – by making online tickets available, who has the most convenience?

Convenience to me

  • I can check for the show timings instantly and book the tickets from my desktop. This saves me a trip to the theater before the movie

Convenience to the theater

  • Printing charges for the tickets are gone. They are not going to issue any paper tickets (Remember, they give only the slips that have the seat number, when you actually go to watch the movie)
  • With so many people holding credit cards, the reach of the theater increases. For instance, I would think twice about going all the way to Imax, just to book a couple of tickets, from Miyapur
  • Planning becomes possible for the theater, as tickets once booked cannot be canceled or refunded. By planning, I mean that the theater management can have a good idea of the number of people who might watch a particular show (or essentially the revenue for the show). Also they can mine the booking data for futuristic plans
  • Number of ticket counters at the theater can decrease. This is because, the large queues would be absent, when majority of tickets are booked online. Thus, the theater management can afford to do send some employees home, to cut the costs

Thus, online movie tickets are more favorable to the theater than to us.

So why do they charge us the convenience charge? In fact, it should be the other way round. They should reduce this cost from the movie ticket.


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