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I got these 2 Bank Phishing emails in a span of 2 days.  To top it, I don’t have any financial relationship with both these banks (BoB and IDBI).

Beware of any mails from – security@blahblahbank.com

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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I need not tell you a lot about BITS Pilani. The reputation speaks for itself. Being an alumni, I always long to do my best towards the future of the institution.

During these tough times, BITS has come up with a program called “Career Days”, in which they get the candidates to places where the companies are (Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.) and allow them to participate in recruitment activities. The major advantage for the companies is that, they save on the travel costs and have a huge reserve of talent to recruit from.

Following is an extract from the e-mail I received:

…BITSAA International has taken ‘100% Placement Initiative’ as one of the major goals for 2009.

We wish you could be a part of our endeavor to help with the placements by :
· Recruit at BITS Pilani

· Share contact details of your HR (with your recommendation). Our team will connect the HR contacts with Placement Division.
· Send emails to your HR even if you don’t know the HR personally or don’t influence placements. (We have drafted sample emails that you could use).

· If your company has frozen on recruitments, please see if you can arrange long term internships for our BITSians with a living stipend ( Something in the lines of a PS).
· Let us know of any openings for these recent graduates.

· Share with us any other ideas to tackle the present state of campus placement

As part of this initiative, we are planning to launch “career days”. This is planned as a career fest held in the four major cities in India ( Bangalore , Hyderabad, Bombay and Delhi). As companies have decided to cut down on travel, we are planning to get the candidates to them. It would be great if you could get your companies to participate in this event.

The first one is planned for Hyderabad around the 2nd week of April, followed by Bangalore….

So, if you or your company are looking to hire fresh and extraordinary talent, then get in touch with the concerned for participating in this initiative.  You should be able to find the contact details here – http://www.bitsaa.org/?plac_comp_contact

Thanks for reading and also for the support!!

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High quality video of the Complete speech

Full text of Obama’s speech

Congrats, Obama and America !!

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Govt not to bail out Satyam, reiterates Kamal Nath.

This seems more logical as investigations reveal possibility of the money being siphoned off, rather than understatement. This makes it a really serious crime! Also, there are signs of an overstated employee strength, to forge non-existing salary accounts.

A bailout might prove a bad precedent. Mismanagement – bailout, Fraud – bailout, Crime – bailout…the list may not end.

But the Government must ensure the future of entry and mid-level Satyam employees, who may suffer for no fault of theirs. A bailout package to keep them afloat for sometime, is a reasonable option. Also, Government should interfere when corporates like Infy refuse to induct employees from Satyam. This is ridiculous!

Bailout employees, not the company!

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Are you looking to lend some of your disposable income to needy entrepreneurs? Now all that you need, is to have a Paypal account! Read on…

As Wikipedia puts:

Microfinance refers to the provision of financial services to poor or low-income clients, including consumers and the self-employed

In other words, Microfinance refers to lending small amounts of money to the needy entrepreneurs, which they otherwise may not get from Banks either due to the smaller amount or the lack of repayment record.

Kiva provides a unique channel to directly lend the needy entrepreneurs. Each needy entrepreneur has a profile for the lenders to know, what they will do with the money. You can lend as low as $5 and there are professional and dedicated Kiva fellows to make sure that the money is appropriately disbursed.  They also take of training the entrepreneurs, if needed, to make the best use of the money.

This is how the entire cycle works:

  • A needy entrepreneur creates a profile with the project details and request for loans
  • A lender goes through the profile and decide to lend part or full amount
  • The lender pays via Paypal and Kiva takes care of disbursing the loan
  • The entrepreneur uses the money to build their business and repays during course of time
  • The lender gets back the money.  He/she can choose to lend it back or withdraw

To know more, check out How Kiva Works.

Kiva is highly unique due to the following reasons:

  • Direct channel and provides high transperancy for the lenders
  • Simple to use, as all that you need is a Paypal account to start lending
  • One can easily track the progress of an Entrepreneur and how the money is used

If this whole idea interests you, head right away to Kiva and register. Make sure you have a Paypal account, to start lending immediately.

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Yes.  It can happen!

Satyam’s CFO Vadlamani Srinivas claims to be caught unaware of the fudging activites.  Further he claims to have blindly signed the documents, that were prepared by his team.

According to sources, Vadlamani in his confession stated he wasn’t aware of the fraud as his 80-member team provided him documents and he blindly signed on them.

So, does he expect the investors and shareholders to believe this? I hope he isn’t kidding.

Source – Times of India

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Incidentally, I am thumbing through ‘The Argumentative Indian’ by Amartya Sen which talks heavily about Secularism in India, when Christian churches are vandalised and Christians tormented in Karnataka.

India had been a secular state since Independence, hosting people from various religions and communities.  Though Community clashes are nothing new, an unsung harmony existed between these communities.  But in recent times, the scenario has turned tumultous.  We often read about communal clashes, especially involving Hindus, Christians and Muslims.

Latest of one such tensions, is the religious conversion charges against the Christian missionaries, in Orissa and Karnataka.  In the Northern Karnataka town of Davangere, many Churches were vandalised in the last few days.  Christian minorities and missionaries face serious threats, on anti-conversion grounds.  

Some news agencies claim that these tensions were extrapolated, with BJP ruling the state.  What do these rioters really think?  Are people dumb to follow a missionary and convert into Christianity?  The entire concept sounds illogical.  

In a secular state, no one not even the Government, has any rights to interfere into an individual’s religious beliefs.  A citizen of India is free to practice and follow any religion, as long as he/she doesn’t interfere into another’s rights.  With that being the case, it is a highly condemnable and punishble offence, to damage places of worship and burning religious scriptures.  

The Police must take immediate measures to pacify the public.  Those who try to disturb peace, whether Hindus or Christians, must be put behind the bars.  It is the responsibility of the Government, to keep these communal forces under check and let innocent public lead a free life.

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