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Would you like to spend say 20k (which is less than a regular notebook price) for a Notebook with a configuration of say, Pentium III 700 MHz?  Or would you rather spend some 10k more to get a Notebook with the latest configuration?

I think many of us would prefer the second option.  Because the former is not ‘sellable’ any more!!  I am trying to use this analogy, with ourselves as the outdated Notebooks and our (prospective) employers as the buyers.

Longer you dwell with a particular technology or a product, more the expertise you gain.  But does that expertise makes you sellable, say in another 2/5/10 years of time frame? Or is there anything else that needs to be done?

So keep asking the question to yourself periodically (say every 1 or 2 years): Does my current skill set, expertise and experience make me a ‘sellable’ commodity in the market?  What can I do to myself, for the prospective buyers or the current owners to be interested in me?


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We have been taught to have definite goals in life. This teaching has been going on right from our school days – the teachers being parents, school teachers, friends and relatives. And nobody ever relents in giving “free” advice to others. But nobody ever cares to teach us about the execution plan for these goals (Life always has exceptions!).

Goals are useless without strategies. And sometimes, strategies are more important than even the goals. Goal setting is only the starting point and it has absolutely no meaning without a well-detailed execution plan. Following could be construed as a blueprint for a typical “Goal Execution Plan” (GEP – one more abbreviation!)

  1. Have a well defined goal (that which can be qualitatively evaluated)
  2. Devise and evaluate various means to attain your goal
  3. Choose the best means (or strategy) to achieve your goal
  4. Use your “heuristic knowledge” to set a time line to reach your goal
  5. Make your goal (in qualitative aspect) public, strictly attached to the time line (Why not try www.43things.com?)
  6. Make a mid-term evaluation of your progress towards your goal (At half the time, you initially decided to reach your goal)
  7. During mid-term evaluation, identify whether you have moved from your starting point (!!) and how far you are from the destination…
  8. If you have not reached anywhere close to the mid-point, rethink your strategy and if required, choose a different one
  9. If necessary, revise your time line to achieve your goal
  10. Repeat this process until you reach your goal

Even if you fail to achieve your goal in this process, the strategy that you have adopted should have made some change to you as an individual.

Good luck 🙂

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