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Ever listened to your favorite music in iPod, walking outdoors, on a rainy evening with thunderstorms; ever played with your laptop sitting in the balcony on a day full of rains. Then read carefully!

Researches and past incidents have shown that people using electronic devices, outdoors at the time of rain or thunderstorms are more likely to be struck by the lightning. This is due to the metals in these electronic devices, that conduct the electricity faster. So even if the lightning is to strike an area nearby, you will instantaneously be affected, just because of these devices. Several such cases has been reported. People have hurt their eardrums and suffered burns. Do not ever forget that your cellphone is an electronic device too!

So next time you are trying to use an electronic equipment, outdoor during thunderstorms, think twice! You might as well wait for some to get indoors and use the stuff, rather than hurting yourself.

(Spark for the thought: An article in ‘The Hindu’ daily dated 13 July 2007, on the last page)


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