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Rangasamy, Back from hibernation!!

Nowadays around the Parliament, only 4 words could be heard – US, 123 Agreement, Hyde Act and Sovereignty. I decided to dig into this and report the latest status to our readers.

Outside the Parliament there were a group of politicians. From a distance it looked like BJP members…

Me: Rajnath Singh Ji. What is the problem all about regarding the Nuclear deal?
Rajnath: Indian Sovereignity. That is the only word I can say.
Me: What do you mean by sovereignty sir? Can you elaborate?
Rajnath: Hmm ha…hmm… Don’t ask me too many questions… 123 Agreement is a danger to Indian Sovereignty and UPA must be thrown out so that we can be back at center. This is a very good chance for us. How can we miss it? Only that I know…

Then there was a conclave of the Left party members. They did not seem so excited as BJP members, but still a lot of discussions were going on.

Me: (To Mr. D. Raja) Sir, what do you think could be the implications of the 123 Agreement?
D. Raja: US is trying to fool India. 123 Agreement says US must meet the Hyde Act provisions. Hyde Act is way to ‘hide’ many details from us, which will be a danger to our country.
Me: But, Nuclear energy will help improve India’s power generation….
D. Raja: Develop power with coal. That is what we have been doing…
Me: But Sir, Coal based power generation contributes to Global Warming…
Raja: What is global warming? Is it a new agreement between India and US…

Ultimately I happened to meet the man behind everything, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Me: Sir, What do you think could be the final outcome of this agreement? Are you confident to convince Left and the opposition?
Manmohan: We are sure that 123 Agreement is good for India. But for us being in power is also important. How can we strain our ties with Left? It is like a suicide.
Me: If you are sure that 123 Agreement is good for our country, why don’t you proceed with it.
Manmohan: We staying in power is first priority. Then the priority of the nation comes… Only if we stay in power we can server our country nah…

As I was coming out, I happened to meet Mr. Prakash Karat. He was very serious about something. I could hear only a few words uttered by him. “India can attend IAEA meeting coming up, but nobody should speak the word ‘Safeguards’. If that is the case, then we will withdraw support from the Government…”. So the committee, which goes to attend the IAEA meeting must ‘safeguard’ themselves, by making sure that nobody uses the word ‘safeguard’ in any of the meetings. 🙂

Now the country is witnessing the drawbacks of the Coalition Government!!


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NEW DELHI July 2 – With the presidential election impending, there is huge activity in and around Parliament. You will normally not see such busy activities in the premises. The Parliament, known for the MPs shouting and hitting each other, was seen bustling with conclaves and group meetings. Congress and BJP headquarters were no exception. BJP leaders were busy investigating the bio-data of the UPA Candidate Ms. Prathibha Patil to file new cases and Congress leaders were busy defending each of them. Latest complaint against Ms. Patil was the dowry she paid at the time of her marriage, which was against the law. With Kalam not so keen on contesting the election, the Third Front is busy spotting a candidate. Some Third Front leaders were spotted traveling around the country to find a suitable candidate. With so much competition for the top position in India, we citizens are the dumb-spectators and have our fingers crossed!

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CHENNAI June 28 – Our chief reporter Rangasamy was very fortunate to get an appointment with ‘Sivaji fame’ director Shankar (pun intended). Shankar, who is very busy in the story for his next film, could spare only 15 minutes for the interview. Some excerpts from the interview.

Reporter Rangasamy: Hello Mr. Shankar. It is a great privilege that you have agreed to spare 15 minutes for us. Thanks for that. I would like to start with a question that is prevalent with the tamil fans. How was the Sivaji story born?

Shankar: I could not understand your question. Where is the story in Sivaji?

RR: But Sir, a movie is supposed to have a story…

Shankar: I know that. I always look forward to innovations. This is a first in the tamil industry, that a film is without a story. Isn’t it? The movie is all about Rajni Sir’s style, charm and humor. Nothing else.

RR: Great Sir. How did you choose Shreya for the role?

Shankar: I always feel heroines have no role to play in a film. They come, they dance, they smile and they cry. Their role ends there.

RR: Ok. How did the idea of ‘Fair’ Rajni strike you?

Shankar: I initially had a budget in mind. After everything was shot, still we had a huge amount left. We did not know how to spend that money. This gave rise to the idea of ‘Fair’ Rajni

RR: We had some good plots in your earlier movies like Gentleman or Indian. For instance, tracking down the suspect in Gentleman using the ‘mangalsutra’. Such plots are conspicuous by their absence in Sivaji

Shankar: Sivaji is a Rajni Sir film. Rajni sir compensates for everything else. Nobody goes to the movie for plots or story. They go only for Rajni sir. I understand the mind of a average movie goer, especially in Tamil Nadu. (Smiles)

RR: That is wonderful to hear. How did it struck you to paint Rajni’s face in the bellies of those dancing in the opening song?

Shankar: I always love painting. I have a tendency to paint in all places. If you look at my home there are paintings on the wall, on the floor, in the kitchen and also in the bathroom. In the opening song, there was a sequence where Nayanthara’s belly was painted like a pot. It was later removed by the censor (Grunts, don’t know for what reason)

RR: Sorry to hear that sir. After the movie, I had a feeling that I watched Gentleman and Indian movies together. Your comments on this…

Shankar: Ya, it has been a long time since Gentleman and Indian were released. So I thought I can remind people once again of that stories. That’s all.

RR: There is a talk in the town that Shankar’s films are grandiose but the story is wayward. Your comment on this…

Shankar: I am already late for my flight. Meet you later (runs away)

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ThalaiVaangumPatti 27 June – Right to this moment, I have believed in the saying that ‘Smile a lot.  It costs nothing’.  But it does not always turn out to be true.

Pakkirisami is a resident of ThalaiVaangumPatti in Madurai district.  Right at the early age of 8, he had resolved to smile all the time.  Many a times it has turned out that his smile has ired persons around him, resulting in a brawl.  He was once beaten up for smiling continuously, when his neighbor’s house was robbed.  Right now, Pakkirisami is admitted to the GH in Madurai with a peculiar problem.  Due to excessive smiling and laughing, the muscles inside his chin are highly damaged.  Senior doctors say that an operation is required, which might cost around 2 Lakh Rupees.

So, I would like to rephrase the saying as follows.  “Smile a lot.  It is good, but sometimes it costs you something”.

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