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Fuel prices are spiraling upwards.  In the near future, driving your way down to the multiplex might be dearer than taking an Auto or a Taxi.  We can try the following approaches – as they are friendly to your pocket friendly and to the environment.

  • Avoid personal motor vehicles as much as possible.  Use public transport instead
  • Much better – walk when you can!!
  • Get a bicycle.  Serious! If possible, cycle your way down to the office.  It definitely gives a fresh start to the day
  • Those who cannot avoid 4 wheelers, look out for car pooling possibilities
  • Rigorously follow the procedures outlined in the auto manual like clutch-free driving, efficient usage of Air conditioners, etc., which might save you a lot of fuel

I am planning to follow a few of these, in the days to come.  Any more ideas are welcome!  Let’s work towards a greener environment.

Have a great week ahead!


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Sea of thoughts

I was sitting on the sea shore. Looking at the blue carpet in front of my eyes; my joy knew no bounds. The roar of the sea was music to my ears and the breeze was driving me crazy. But my mind was not in a good shape today and I came here to share some of the grief with my friend – the sea.

In a low voice, I asked. Friend, I have heard that life is a mixture of happiness and gloom. I very well understand that too. But in my life, they are in unequal proportions; the latter holding the majority. I am very much down. Tell me what to do. I am left clueless.

After a brief silence, my friend started talking. Dude, Happy to see you here after a long time. I see many people like you, complaining on the life. Some even come here to end their lives. But I have the answer to your question within me. Have you ever observed my waves clearly? Do you get anything out of it?

I replied. They keep coming again and again. They help me feel how soft you are. They also bring a lot of shells, which I collect. I knew no more.

Blue giant replied. Yes you are right. But there is something more than that. There are two lessons to be learned.

First lesson: Look at the waves, at some distance. They appear to be so huge. They seem as if to swallow a human. But, if you are bold enough to face it and stand steady, What happens? It reaches you beneath your knees. So what does it tell you? Journey of life has problems which look huge and dangerous. If you face it with courage, they fall at your feet.

Second lesson: How long do the waves come to the shore? Days, months, years… Everlasting, right. And what does one wave do to another? Hinders its progress, right. Still the waves continue to come to the shore, all the time. So what does this tell you? Your progress in your life may be hindered by many factors. But it is the perseverance, that matters. Try hard and sail towards your goals, till the end.

I needed no more words of courage. Now I am smiling; from within my heart.

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Mountain and I

All the birds have flown up and gone;
A lonely cloud floats leisurely by.
We never tire of looking at each other –
Only the mountain and I.

Li Po – Alone Looking at the Mountain

A spectacle for lifetime. View of Kanchenjunga from my hotel terrace in Darjeeling.

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