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Google‘s proposed advertising partnership with Yahoo, has made Microsoft withdraw its takeover bid for the latter.

Google’s gain

  • Microsoft-Yahoo would have been a huge entity to reckon with, for Google. At least for now, Google can breathe easy
  • By proposing a advertising partnership with Yahoo and making Yahoo think about it, Google has made the world realize the shortcomings in Yahoo‘s ad-serving capabilities
  • Google‘s share prices have shot up after Microsoft-Yahoo break up

At the end of the day, Google is the big winner in the Microsoft-Yahoo deal break up.


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I have been using del.icio.us for quite sometime now. But, I felt it’s high time I choose a different bookmark manager, for the following reasons:

  • I have gathered a huge list of bookmarks over time. Found it a little difficult to manage them using del.icio.us, partly because of my bad habit of using too many distinct tags
  • There were a good chunk of bookmarks, which were either redundant or of no more use
  • Firefox Addons for del.icio.us (at least the ones I tried) were too slow and not user friendly. I have never had good experience with them
  • I use my bookmarks for private purposes. A bookmark sharing utility like del.icio.us doesn’t add a great value to my purpose

So I decided to give a try at Google Bookmarks. Following were the steps I followed, before I successfully migrated all my essential bookmarks.

  • Install Google Toolbar for Firefox, from here
  • Export bookmarks from del.icio.us as a HTML file. This is a relatively simple task!!
  • Import the bookmarks HTML file to Firefox
  • In the Google Toolbar, click on ‘Bookmarks -> Import Firefox Bookmarks
  • Voila!! All bookmarks will be imported. You can choose to Edit/Remove any bookmarks and their labels
  • You are done!!

Now you can access your bookmarks from your Google Toolbar.

Following are the advantages I found (so far)

  1. Accessing the bookmarks from Google Toolbar is extremely fast
  2. All bookmarks are private and secure
  3. Adding bookmarks is highly simplified. You will never know that they actually get stored in Server. Performance is similar to adding local bookmarks to your browser

How can Google Bookmarks be improved:

  1. Direct import facility from del.icio.us and other popular Online Bookmark managers
  2. Sub-tag feature can be introduced (like Blogs -> Technology, etc.)

Overall, I started loving Google Bookmarks!!

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Finally, the much awaited Google Docs Presentation is here! I took the first sip, by creating a sample presentation which can be accessed here.

Presentation templates are limited and that is very much expected in the Beta launch. Nevertheless, it has almost all the basic features that a desktop based Presentation software has. You can give your presentation online by just publishing/sharing the document. A chat window on the right side of the online presentation helps to have a real time conversation. You can couple this with Google Talk and there you go for a conference, with a presentation!!

But I am really keeping my fingers crossed for the SlideRocket 🙂

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