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When someone starts a new Business venture, sailing is not always smooth.  New Ventures are prone to acceptance, appreciation, uncertainity, criticism and rejection.

DNA Daily is entering Bangalore and following qualities in their marketing, won them a subscriber 🙂 .  I think these are essential bare minimum qualities, that any new Business venture, must exhibit.

Creating an Irresistible Urge for Acceptance

  • An introductory offer to have both the National and Business news for Rs. 299 an year
  • My current daily (with business news) costs me about Rs. 1800 an year
  • That’s a flat savings of 83% !

Minimal Change and Compromise, required on the Consumer

  • DNA Daily would be circulated by the same Newspaper vendor, who delivers my current daily
  • Only thing required by me, is to intimate the vendor to supply DNA Daily, instead of my current daily
  • No compromises required, as I am quite satisfied with my current vendor


  • Though the offer was a good one, I was not ready to accept it on the first attempt
  • I wanted to get in touch a week later, on our first meeting
  • He kept his word and met me again
  • He won a subscriber!

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Current imbroglio in Singur, presents a crucial lesson when doing Business, especially outsourcing!

Keep all Stakeholders in the loop

WB Government has done the mistake of not keeping the stakeholders in loop, twice.

  • First, when land was allotted to Tata, overlooking Mamata and possible agitations.  An agreement that time, would have made the process a lot smooth
  • Second, when the “peace treaty” was made yesterday between Mamata and the Government.  Tatas were not involved and they are still reluctant to stay in Singur, due to uncertainities

So the thumb rule – Keep all Stakeholders in the loop!

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One can find many techies with over 5 years in the industry, expressing their interest to be a software architect.  As it is rightly said, not all good programmers make good architects.

Architecture is an “artistic” science.  The primary aim of architecture is to understand the business problem, identify suitable components, mix-match them in right proportions to design a solution, integrate them to peacefully coexist in harmony and deliver a reliable solution to the customer’s business problem. This is a very generic description, that would definitely apply for software architecture.

With this description, following can be a broad set of characteristics that an architect must possess, at a minimum:

  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Inquisitive skills to understand the business problem, in its true sense
  • Creativity and Innovation – as required in any form of art
  • Up to date knowledge on various Application frameworks and Technology tools – to evaluate broad range of solutions that are possible
  • Strong Design Pattern Experience – not just knowing them but experience in putting them into use
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Motivational and Inspirational capabilities
  • Keen eye for Perfection and Progress Tracking – to make sure that the solution implementation is synchronous with planning
  • Ability to take ownership of the solution

These are the minimum set of characteristics that any architect must possess.

A programmer must evaluate him/herself on his aspirations, skills and future plans – on whether architecture is the right path to choose.

Happy Architecting!

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My pal Shirupa (drum-roll….) has entered the blogosphere!  Her blog deals with the display and sale of her artwork, which she terms as an obsession.

Visit her blog and encourage her to carry on the wonderful artwork of hers!!

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Connect 2008 is happening in Chennai from September 11-13 2008.

I came to know about this from Kiruba – courtesy Twitter 🙂

There is an interesting event, Connect 2008 Unconference happening on 11 September 2008.  Unconference is a pretty new concept to me.  Essentially, Unconference is an event where every participant gets equal opportunity to speak and share his/her opinions.

Incidentally, I will be in Chennai during this time, to attend a wedding.  I wished to grab this opportunity and attend this ‘Unconference’.  My WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) is to be exposed to some interesting ideas from well known names in the industry and networking with the best minds.   Also, I am excited to meet Kiruba as I am a great fan of his blog!

If anyone else is interested, you can register using this link – http://f5ive.net/connect2008/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

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New Technology Blog

Hello readers…

Check out my new technology blog at – http://ashwinkumarc.co.cc/blog

You can subscribe to the feeds through – RSS Feed

Your feedback is my strength.  Feel free to comment about the appearance and the content of the blog.  Would love to hear from you…

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time and pursuit

time flows, and so does the man

in pursuit of it

often fails, but never tired of trying

those who win, feel they better were not in the race

and finally the time wins, when it flows

but when in eternity, irony that the main seizes pursuit

so this makes man a winner.

here i am, still in pursuit of time…

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