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London July 10, 2012 – We have seen how machines evolved over time.  Today we are witnessing a world full of machines – be it the computers or the other forms.  Latest update is from the world of electronics where an experiment, on integrating man & machine has turned out to be a huge success.

A group of computer scientists in a facility here (London) has conducted an experiment by planting tiny processors and hard drives, about very few millimeters, on to the human body.  These devices are then appropriately connected to the nervous system and linked to the human mind.  When all these were done, the processing power of the human mind increases in direct proportion to the processor that is embedded.  Similarly the memory capacity increases, commensurate with the hard drive that is embedded.  They have proved this phenomenon by practical test cases conducted on those individuals, after the implantation.  So, in addition to RFID chips that can be embedded on to the humans for easier medical diagnostic purposes, these devices will improve the human processing power & memory capacity.  This research is sure to send waves across the electronics world.


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