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1two3ty1 – 4

Hmm… I can see a “4” in this sculpture!! Look at the outline of his torso at the posterior, up to the legs. I hope you must be able to see a “4” too 🙂

Image Courtesy: “The Hindu” supplementary which has the image of this sculpture. This sculpture has been erected at the venue for IAC, in Hyderabad


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1two3ty1 – 3

Need not say more about this 🙂

This struck me when I was playing yesterday…

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1two3ty1 – 2

1two3ty1 - 2

I would like to dedicate this one to Java, which is mainly responsible for my bread and butter 🙂

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1two3ty1 – 1

1two3ty1 - 1

Got it from my refrigerator to start with!! “Cool” na 🙂

More info on this contest(??) click here

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