Couple of suggestions…

– Make the option to remember the 'Withdrawal Amount' – really optional.  I hate to see it every time.  May be – 'No and don't ask again' as one of the answers?

– Show the Account Balance after Withdrawal.  This will prevent me (and many like minded geeks) to opt out of printed receipts

Hope somebody is listening?

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Networking and Building Relationships

Money Management

No letting down by Failures

Do you have these in you?

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Here are a few useful links for my weekend reading.  Hope these help you too.

Getting Clean with PHP

Search Engine Optimization 101

Thirteen steps to write and publish an ebook in 13 hours

Happy reading!

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I got these 2 Bank Phishing emails in a span of 2 days.  To top it, I don’t have any financial relationship with both these banks (BoB and IDBI).

Beware of any mails from – security@blahblahbank.com

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Blogussion is a blog that focuses on blogging tips and resources.  I was impressed by the Post summary and key points at the end of each post.
This appeals to casual readers who just glance through the entire post, just to find the summary at the bottom.

Nice one dudes!

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Useful if you have multiple twitter accounts and wish to manage them together!!

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I love Smashing Magazine for many things and their monthly Desktop Wallpapers are one of them!

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